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Welcome to The Earth Medium website!



image for The Earth MediumI am a natural Medium, which means that it’s not something that I had to learn or study.  I started seeing and communicating with spirits when I was young.  What I did have to learn was how to stop spirits from “popping in” anytime that they wanted to.  It’s not easy living a so called normal life when you have spirit people showing themselves anywhere, and anytime, no matter what you are doing.  So, learning to control that was definitely a gift to me.


I absolutely adore being outside, barefooted, working with the earth, and communing with the plants and animals…it lights up my soul!  Living in Arizona affords me a lot of “nature time” with our beautiful weather.  That’s how I came to name my website, “The Earth Medium.”

image of Lynette Rudow - Earth MediumI love being a medium and communicating with the Spirit World.  Spirits are much easier to talk to then humans here on Earth, because there is no judgment, no facades, or hidden agendas.  It’s a beautiful thing to just be true to one’s own being.


One of my passions is to share with you, what I see, sense, and feel when working with the Spirit World.


Following a mediumship reading with me, you may choose to experience those that came in for you, for yourself, through the use of hypnosis.  I am a certified hypnotherapist, and you can find my work at Journeyshypnotherapy.com.  There, under the “Store” tab, you are able to purchase self-hypnosis sessions to meet your guide(s), angel(s), and loved ones that came through for you during your mediumship reading.



I look forward to working with you, and meeting all of your friends in the Spirit World!









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